Poetry is a gift that can be passed on from generation to generation...

Thoughts and ideas, dreams and visions, relationships and connections, all can be shared through the #written word. It only takes dreaming to let the words and thoughts take you to a wonderful place of escape, or find that you are not alone in our world.

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The#magic of#Poetry


Rod has had the opportunity to be recorded doing live reads for 6 different shows on KXCR 90.7 FM Radio. The Florence Radio Poet Society hosted by Edie Cronk, a solo performance on Community Conversations, and the Featured Artist, on Jerry Schneider's 100th show of local artist. Some of those shows can be listened to by streaming through the archived shows at kxcr.net

Hatter Publications also underwrites the Poetry show and recognizes how important literary arts are...

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This site featurespublications and arts created from our hearts. Feel free to cruise on through the site.

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Art © 2019


Art from the soul...

Art through the eyes...

Art shared emotions...

Art can surprise!

Art wrote in words.

Art brushed in oils.

Art's watercolors.

Art's sculpted toils.

Art acted out.

Art sung in song.

Art that is silent.

Art being strong.

Art out in public.

Art in the galleries.

Art in museums.

Art done in alleys.

Art of this world,

all is a part...

Artists do share life,

straight from their heart.


Panhead Rod

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